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PBA Online is designed to allow motivated working adults to advance their careers on their own terms! Our online offerings include undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of popular academic disciplines - and they’re all just as respected by employers and graduate schools as PBA’s traditional on-site degree programs.

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Simply put it means that we put Christ first. This is not just reflected in our curriculum. It is seen in the care and support you will receive from our faculty and staff. At PBA Online, you’ll grow in wisdom, lead with conviction and serve God boldly.

1. Apply online.

There is no application fee and our online application takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

2. Request your transcripts.

If this is your first time attending college, we need a copy of your high school transcripts. If you have completed at least some college, we need a copy of your college transcripts. While unofficial transcripts can be used for admissions decisions, we will need an official copy of your transcripts within your first semester.

3. Start class – fast!

Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours, and you will be connected to a personalized success coach to help plan your degree. With start

PBA Online has start dates every other month so you can jump in when you are ready! Eager to dive in? We have a special opportunity for you to join a discounted class that can start at any time!

We are committed to making a PBA education as affordable as possible At $400/credit hour, PBA Online is competitively priced. Using state and federal grant programs, a PBA Online degree is free for some Florida residents! To determine the type of aid that you might receive, all eligible students are encouraged submit a FAFSA.

That depends on the number of credits you have already earned, but certain students can complete their degree in under a year! One of our PBA Online Success Coaches will walk you through a personalized degree plan based on the courses that you have already taken. Some certificates, licenses, or work experience can also be count towards college credit.

Online courses are designed to fit into your busy work and life schedule. Unlike traditional undergraduate classes, PBA Online courses are only 8-weeks long. There are no set times to log onto your class and weekly coursework and assignments can be completed whenever (and wherever!) is most convenient. Even better – PBA online students have access to the same academic and career support services as daytime students.

Same Mission. Same Quality. Same Degree.

Each course for PBA Online is developed by the best of our faculty and undergoes a thorough and strategic process to ensure that you are experiencing the same quality content as our residential students. Our goal is that you not only gain knowledge but also master the art of making meaningful connections. This holistic approach to education ensures your learning is future-proof, preparing you for a dynamic and ever-evolving world.

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Darlene Henry started her higher education journey at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) in the fall of 1984. Now, 39 years later, she is back to complete her degree online.